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Friday, 2 March 2012

You may have noticed that there were a few recalls recently by Tylenol about their infant products. Apparently the dosage was miscalculated for infants.  Why didn't this scare me? Well, I have never and would never give my baby drugs. Did you know they add artificial flavor and artificial color to medicines targeted to young children as well??

Unless gravely ill, there is no reason to drug an infant. Why you ask, again? Infants are very small people. They are highly sensitive to everything, including drugs. Think about how easily adults can get confused with portions and amounts and relativity when it comes to food. What makes us think we know how much is okay for a tiny infant who can't tell us something is wrong or contradict our decisions?

Infants do not need to be dosed from the time they are born. Our pediatricians, as I am sure yours did as well, told us to give a little infant Tylenol after the many vaccination appointments. Ahm, I disagree. The point of introducing germs into the system via vaccinations is to build immunity. That little fever after means that the body is doing exactly what it needs to do to build immunity. Why would I interfere in that process? No reason - therefore no drugs.

When we told the pediatrician about Tubby's skin allergies she suggested cortisone. Again, no thanks. My tiny infant, already hyper-sensitive to food doesn't need this artificial steroid in his system as well throwing his body even more unnecessarily off balance.  Physicians tend to over prescribe, and they tend to do that often. Don't fall victim to that and regret it later. Stop, think, and research for yourself. Your babies will thank you later!!


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