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Saturday, 14 April 2012

[Update] I have joined the Healthy Child Healthy World bloggers network. This is my first contribution to their education and awareness campaign. I am more than glad to share my Non-Toxic Laundry Tip to help us all live greener, cleaner lives

I started using wool dryer balls a few months ago.  Wool dryer balls are great for naturally softening your clothes in the dryer.  They also help reduce time in the dryer, saving energy and money and the earth in the process. For us cloth diapering fanatics, they are a great accessory to have since they are chemical free and therefore safe to use with all our diapers.

The ones I got were cute and kind of looked like tennis balls with the sewn seams. I thought they worked just fine but I knew I needed more.  Fast forward to now :) and I have added some Bouncing Woolies Naturally FUNKys to my collection.  I was hugely surprised and excited when they came in the mail. They were heavy and sturdier than the ones I already had. I was in love. They were aesthetically pleasing as well, with the un-dyed yarn wound artistically around the ball.

I chose the unscented ones because I am a little particular about my scents. I also don't like having scents all over everywhere all the time. Unscented dryer balls work just the same as the scented one so  you can't go wrong with a particular scent selection if you wish.

Finally, you are making a great investment when you purchase these green laundry items. You are investing in your health by keeping the artificial scented dryer sheets out of your home and away from your family. That one time investment is also putting money in your pocket from the energy savings as well as the money you are not spending on disposable dryer sheets.  Plus, you are helping us all by  keeping those dryer sheets out of the landfills.

In honor of Earth Day, I would like to ask you all to please consider using wool dryer balls to green your laundry.


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