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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

We've been back for a few days now.  The flight back was a little rougher than the trip over because it was during the day. Although sleeping was not as easy for Tubby to accomplish, he did pass out a couple of times.

Hubby managed to sleep as well. He always does, even though he says he won't...

Of course I did not sleep!  Even though the flight was half empty and we had a whole row of seats to ourselves, I couldn't relax for too long because Tubby was on me quite often.  He could not stay with papa too long before wanting to 'gosa mama i stället'. Lucky mama!

The first night home I managed to resist the urge to unpack and put away everything like I have done in the past.  After putting Tubby to bed around 7 I succumbed to my jet lag as well and went to sleep shortly afterwards. We all woke up around 4 the next morning.  The day started off fine, with my little helper unpacking for me.

Our fun would soon end as a little nose started running and a loud echoey cough followed. Inevitably Tubby had caught the virus his cousins were getting over.  He clinged to me all that day. I used three different carriers to keep him close and warm (because the temperatures here were back down in the 40s and 50s again.)  I had to keep him upright to try to nap because he coughed a lot and couldn't really breathe lying down.

Of course I caught the bug as well with all that cuddling and closeness :) So no laundry for me today. I might just take a mid-day nap as well!


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