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Friday, 18 May 2012

Now that we are potty training, I try to stay with Tubby when he sits on the toilet so he feels secure (and doesn't fall off or run away or swish around the bowl or flush the entire roll of toilet paper... )

He has our routine down, I recently came to know.

Today as I exited the kitchen to do my bathroom business, I heard a loud screeching across the wood floor. Into the bathroom came Tubby, pushing his wooden chair. He was going to keep me company. By sitting directly in front of me. When I was done he graciously took the toilet paper roll and gave me some. One sheet. I got one square of toilet paper to use.

Has your little one ever turned into you, causing mountains of chuckles that you had to choke back? Or making you cry at the cuteness??

P.S. I love babywearing, hence the photo ^^.


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