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Monday, 11 June 2012

When I was first started using cloth on Tubby, merely a few days old, I never thought that I would be using anything similar on myself. But now, over two years later, I finally realized I could reap the same benefits from cloth as my son.  No more chemicals, no more needless waste.  I am now a full cloth using mama. My newest foray into cloth is with panty liners from CC Bums.

I wanted some pretty liners to join my pad stash.  I looked over the stock and found a set I liked...but I wanted more of the same and decided to contact the owner, Cami. She said I could choose any fabric in stock to make my liners. I could not decide on one choice, so I got four different ones!
 You're thinking, hmm, that looks like five liners Christine...yes, you are right. Cami said she wasn't happy with the stitching result from her machine that day so I got a free liner. Love it.

These liners weren't like the cloth pads I have now experienced. They have a thin flannel or cotton top layers with fleece bottom layers.  I wasn't sure they would be effective, but I was proved wrong. The liners worked great.  They were a little thicker than I was used to, since disposable liners nowadays are paper thin.  That took a little getting used to, but it didn't matter to the performance of the liners. They absorbed and kept me dry.  I realized too, that with the rounder shape, you could angle the fold more open towards the front and use them in a thong...

I like my new set of liners from CC Bums.  Cami is great to work with when you have lots of questions :) You might even find some fun stuff on clearance in her shop.  The best part of working with Cami is that she has offered a gift card to her store for my Made in America prize winner. Come back July 4 to enter.


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