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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I think I have always eyed the GoGreen diapers because of the multi-colored snaps. They were too hard to ignore. But is it good bet!  Before I got the Champ diaper to investigate and examine in my hand, I read that it has an upper weight limit of 45 pounds. Yes. This diaper promised to be a great option for my toddler. I was also lucky to get an adapt-a-snap to use, which is an aplix system you attach to the snaps for different size adaptability.
The Champ features an internal gusset for extra protection for leaks and accidents.
It also features a snap-in insert that is attached at the front opening. It has pocket openings on both ends of the diaper as well. These were two more new features to me, in addition to the snap-on aplix option.

Don't you just love the colored snaps on the Lime diaper? And take note, I laid out the adapt-a-snap like I thought it should be attached.  I will soon explain that I was wrong in my placement...
I got two very different fits with the snaps versus the aplix option.  I used the adapt-a-snap first. I thought I would get a super snug fit with the aplix but that didn't happen. I didn't feel like I could tighten it like I wanted since it seemed not to want to stick together.
So this is not how the adapt-a-snap is supposed to be attached. Learn from my mistake :) You attach the snaps of the tab aplix so that they stick out, not so they are hidden like I thought.  I learned this just  before writing my post as I perused the GoGreen website one more time.

The diaper fit much better and tighter with the snaps, of course, since I had used the adapt-a-snap wrongly.  I am excited to say that having a second option is indeed useful for getting a different range of fits as your baby grows to 45 pounds! The diaper also has lots of room for stuffing. I used my usual double inserts folded and front stuffed here. And you can see that the diaper is not too tight or pulling on the seams.

Leah of GoGreen has generously offered one diaper to the winner of my fluffy butts prize. Click to enter here. 

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different. 


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