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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Earlier this year, Cocalo debuted its cloth diaper creations via the new brand, the Perfect Bum.  I was intrigued...then I was in love. With this.

I found it to be an interesting style of cloth diaper construction as well. I was further intrigued by the
And I was not disappointed by the Reality. It was very much the same.
 Front view, a two-inch wide panel for positioning of the velcro tabs. Here the insert is folded properly for sitting inside the specially designed water-proof attachment.
 Insert unfolded

Unfortunately for Tubby, the t-shirt part of the set did not fit at all. He was born with a long torso and he's a the top of the weight range for the size Large.  We will have to keep the shirt for his sibling :)

The diaper, on the other hand, was quite larger than I expected. It fit with room to grow as well. I love that. The waterproof pocket is deep and allowed for doubling of the insert as is my usual padding and stuffing method. The diaper has room to grow and adapt to your insert needs. I think I would have preferred if you could detach that special layer though, so you could really use it with any type of insert, including a fitted diaper. I suppose you still could, and just ignore the attachment...I didn't think of trying that.
 The diaper tabs can move and be positioned anywhere on the attachment panel. I like that since I try to angle and get the tightest fit for night time in order to prevent leaks.  And look at the cuteness! I mean, look at the room to grow. This is the size large on a toddler over 30 pounds, roomy and stretchy.

 I hope you are as fascinated by this diaper as I was because thanks to Cocalo, my Fluffy Butts winner will get a choice of fashion set from the Perfect Bum.

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different. 


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