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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I was intrigued the first time I heard about Wee Can Too: edible art supplies, really?? Yes. The ingredients are not just all natural, they are organic, gluten-free and dairy free.  Anyone and everyone should have some of these fun items.  I sure had a blast with them; I mean, while I supervised Tubby using them :)

We got the Veggie Sidewalk Chalk and the Veggie Tempera Paint set to play with.  I read the ingredients and was surprised to see turmeric listed in the chalk ingredients.  I wasn't too surprised then, when I opened the paint tubs to find that they smelled spicy!  I had to restrain myself from tasting them, that is for sure.

The Tempera Paints come in powder form so you have to mix in water before using them. You can't really tell the colors, either, until the water mixes in! That was like a little science experiment for me. I was so engrossed in the mixing that I almost forgot it was 93 degrees...I think that is why our paint didn't get as smooth as I hoped.  It was just too hot.

Once mixed though, my little artist went to work. 'Easy to do' he kept saying.
He worked so hard that paint got everywhere. We didn't mind because it was all food ingredients. It would wash off, no problem.

Since we were outside, I just took out the plant sprayer. The paint stains just washed off like you would expect. Plus, Tubby got a mini shower which helped cool him off a little.
Next we moved onto the sidewalk chalk.  I thought for sure there would be some mad inspiration from Tubby, since we have a couple of crayon murals in the house. He was more interested in getting me to draw.

 Then I guess the heat was just too much.  Tubby packed up and it was time to go back inside.
You can't go wrong with organic and natural and SAFE art supplies from WeeCanToo. Did you know Nichole, the creator, has won several Cribsie awards for her products?!

Some lucky reader will be able to try these mix and use paints.  The winner of my Summer Celebration prize gets a set to play with! Thank you Nichole.

Disclosure: I was provided free products for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different. 


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