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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

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As a mama to a child with allergies, I am always on the prowl for natural, organic and safe solutions to itchy, dry skin and rashes.  I recently came across a promising company, Heritage Botanicals.  The website offered such products for baby as well as several other body care products for men and women. I contacted the owners Miriam and Jessica. I received not only an offer to review some of the products, but also a plan on how to attack Tubby's problematic skin (eczema, maybe, we're not sure - there doesn't seem to be one definition of that catch-all condition).

I was sent four products to try: the 3 step Dry Skin System plus Sleepy Baby Moisturizing Cream.
 The 3 step Dry Skin System is especially gentle, has cleaning and antibacterial oils, and moisturizing for problem skin.  I was intrigued by the first step, Grapeseed Facial Cleanser & Shaving Oil.  Here was a product that could multi-task for every member of the family! And the ingredients were organic and will harvested essential oils. How could you not love that?!  This oil blend worked to clean and moisturize the skin.  (Don't let me get started on the was heavenly, light but spicy and a little floral...heaven.) Tubby even remarked 'feels better' as soon as I wiped his skin with it.  I used it on the hairline because we had a new and different rash, origin unknown.
Step two was the Calendual Baby Balm.  It was a thickish cream applied right after the cleansing oil mix.  They blended well together on the skin .  This balm did not have a noticeable smell.  After a few days, there was a huge difference. The rash was almost totally gone, the skin was clearer and smoother.
The final step was the Ultra-Dry Calming Cream for Baby.  Once everything was 'fixed' in the problem area, this cream is used daily to maintain moisture.  It was the same consistency of the Calendula Balm and had no noticeable smell.  It pretty much melted and blended into the skin with great result.  I even tried it on my scaly dry patches.

The last product to try out was the Sleepy Baby Moisturizing Cream.  It definitely exuded a lavender scent.  It's that part that helps baby sleep, since Lavender has calming properties.  I think it might be a bit much though, if your child is sensitive to smell, to have it on before bed.  That is the tiniest drawback that I find with a lot of brands, too much lavender at bedtime.  I think maybe adding a little Chamomile might help dampen the scent, but that is just my two cents :)

Overall, I loved these products for both Tubby and myself. I might even be able to coax Hubby into using the Shaving Oil on his face since he often complains of razor burn.  I love that there are just organic ingredients and no preservatives at all.  You need to store these items carefully so that they maintain their natural healing, cleansing, and moisturizing properties.

Visit Heritage Botanicals to see the wide range of products offered that are safe and work great.  They have deodorant, lip balm, and creams and balms that will work for the whole family.  And even if the product says baby, who will know if you use it on yourself :)  Plus, you get free shipping on $50 orders.  Get that bathroom cabinet stocked with some essential oil and organic goodness!

Disclosure: I was provided free products for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different. 


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