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Friday, 29 June 2012

I have put a little time and effort into collecting appropriate and not too energy-draining or loud toys for Tubby to play with, such as the Goodwill mini xylophone/piano and the 10SEK (about $1) hammer to strike the keys of said xylophone, the huge police & fire station on clearance and the musical rainforest monkey toy that sings and dances for $5 (when babiesRus still accepted coupons on sale items)....but what does he really want to play with??  Here is the list from today:

1. tissue paper from a box I got in the mail
2. bath towel from the pile of clean laundry
3. circle rug, origin unknown
4. cleaning squigee (don't know the right spelling) he found under the kitchen sink
5. digital camera that I keep leaving within his reach

Why did I bother seeking deals and steals on toys when he finds fun with everything I already own? Oh, the money and time I could have saved. Who knew? Really, did you know?? Why didn't you tell me!?!


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