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Friday, 8 June 2012

I am a total cloth convert. Since using cloth for a while on my son I realized I should use it myself as well.  So I recently started a mama cloth stash for myself. Thanks to Catherine of The Willow Store, I was able to add an organic cotton pad. I received it in a cute little box, folded and snapped, just like a disposable. It was not much larger, in fact. 
 The pad was 9 inches long opened up. It felt soft and thick but not bulky.
The back side is a PUL (waterproof) fabric in a soft yellow with matching snaps. I liked this color but there are others to choose from if you like a variety.
Once prepped and ready to use, the back did warp a little.  But looking at the picture above, which is not smooth, it didn't warp as much as I originally thought.  The PUL has a little extra space when sewn it seems.  The pad took a long time to dry due to the denseness of the organic cotton padding. I did not put into the dryer as suggested on the label. I prefer to hang dry as much laundry as possible.

In use this pad did not disappoint. It felt like sitting on a cloud, if you don't mind the metaphor. It was soft and puffy and light, not thick or bulky or uncomfortable.  Even air-drying did not hinder the soft texture.  I like the security of having the waterproof layer on the bottom.  I plan on using this pad on my heavy day since it has built-in security.  This may not work for everyone on the heaviest though, since we all have different flow patterns.

Did you know that Willow Pads are made right here in the USA?  That means one of my lucky readers will win one in the 'Made in America' giveaway event starting July 4!  Thank you Catherine!

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different. 


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