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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I am mad for baby carriers of all kinds. I have a stash of them and Hubby doesn't understand why.  I find them good to use for comfort and closeness as well as being able to get my hands back for tasks both at home and out on errands.  I love using both sling carriers and backpack carriers.

This BabaSling by Joovy is a sling carrier made of organic cotton (love that!) that has a buckle strap which attaches two adjustable straps for maximum versatility. The sling can be used for 7.7 up to 33 pound children. We made it in just under the wire with room still in the pleated fabric.

This was my first experience with an adjustable sling.  I had only encountered buckles and straps on my backpack carriers before.  Here's how things came out of the box.
There are lots of information and illustrations on both the box and the instruction booklet.  I thought it was cute that the fabric sling came folded up in a cube shape...could I get it back into that same shape once I had used it? I did; in fact, the sling is constructed is such a way with the padded shoulder and side straps that it is easy to use and store back in the pouch.
Here you can see how thick and sturdy the padding is. But it is also soft and comfortable!  
There is also a handy, dandy pocket near the padding for a toy or bib, or whatever little thing you might need. It stays hidden in a fold if you don't want to use it.
Here are all the lovely straps: safety strap (thin black) and the buckle straps that adjust independently.

I found using this adjustable sling to be not too different from my pouch sling carriers.  I simply had to make sure Tubby was positioned right so that both he and I were comfortable.  I had the straps open less than 10 inches to accommodate his 30 pound frame.  He seemed totally content in it and always thought I needed a snuggle when I put him in :)

Our sling adventures:
Waiting in line at the airport.
Sleeping on the plane.
Snuggling at the harbor.

Do you have a baby carrier or are you curious about this one? Check out Joovy's selections as well as their other baby products

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different. 


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