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Monday, 9 July 2012

I just love that name! I got to know Amber of Buns Up Baby after entering her 'name it' contest for the Cobblestones diaper you see below on the right.  I was one of the runners up and I won that diaper. Amber was so eager to get the diaper to me that she offered to run out post-snow storm...I told her that was absolutely not necessary.  The diaper came soon and I was eager to try it.  I loved using it for night time since it has a wide gusset and ample room in the waist that does not choke Tubby's stomach all night.  The diaper is rather roomy and more true to the 'up to 35 pounds' range than a lot of big name diapers I have tried!
Not too long after I started using the diaper, I saw that she had updated the design.  I really wanted to compare them so I suggested a review and maybe a 2.0 diaper to my Fluffy Butts cloth diaper hop winner. Amber agreed. I received the giraffe 2.0 to compare to my beloved Cobblestones. (p.s. You will not find this diaper name on the site because it is actually called Cocoa Mosiac. Leave me a comment if you want to know why:)
Here are my first pics and impressions of the diapers side by side: 2.0 on the left, original on the right.
 2.0 has square tabs, double gussets and double pocket openings 
2.0 snap-in insert made of 3X bamboo and 1X microfiber (original insert no snap, all microfiber)

I found that the diapers actually were not that dissimilar even though there were a number of changes in the 2.0 diaper.  The fit was still generous with room for outer snap use with a growing toddler.  The gussets were both wide enough to accommodate the double folded and stuffed diaper, and the textures were quite similar. The 2.0 seemed to be thicker overall (minky and seams), but it was not bulkier once it was put on.

It's like I photo-shopped the different patterns...but I didn't!

From these last pics you can see that the square tabs actually make the diaper more 'sturdy' on the waist, meaning they stay higher up and thus are better prevention of forward leaks when baby is lying down. I have had no leaking problems with either version.  I love using them at night.  I also love the new bamboo insert since they wash better and don't hold smell as bad as microfiber.

Be sure to stop by Buns Up Baby and check out the diapers.  If you're not into minkee diapers, she also offers silky ones.

Thanks again to Amber for sponsoring a prize in the Fluffy Butts Giveaway!

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different. 


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