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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Episencial has been on my green mama radar for one year. So it makes my interaction with its founder, Kim Walls, all the more meaningful to me.  You see, on an unrelated Facebook page, I suggested using the Soothing Cream in response to a mom’s question about her child’s skin issues.  I received a personal message from Kim thanking me for sharing my opinion.  I asked if I could further share her great products via a review and giveaway.  Not only did she agree, but she sponsored several prizes!  The first one was for my Green Summer prize in June. This time I have a set of products for my Dog Days Summer giveaway in August! 

One of the reasons I love Episencial products is that they contain ingredients that help, for specific reasons. There are no dangerous ingredients at all in any of their products. The ingredients all have a purpose; they are not just chemical names.  The Soothing Cream is the first skin product I have seen to contain pro-biotics.  You might know that pro-biotics, usually found in food, are what keeps our internal systems working properly.  Pro-biotics usually come from milk, which poses a little problem to us, you will see.
The most fun product in the bunch is the Playful Wash - Actively Healthy(™) ingredients: organic calendula, oat extract, thyme oil. It is intended for bath time, but I decided instead to try some cheap and easy water play on a hot day.  I filled up some aluminium pans with water and the wash and made bubbles.  We added some toys and it was endless bubble water fun.   Here you have a quick and easy and great way to keep your tot busy and cool on a hot summer day. And it is totally safe!

The Soothing Cream itself is not as ‘creamy’ as the name suggests. It is more gel like while not being sticky or thick. It goes on smooth and absorbs pretty fast.  While my milk allergic Tubby reacts to the probiotics by getting a little irritated and red by the cream on application, it quickly subsides and makes his skin smoother.  This is the reason I like it most.  The benefits of this product outweigh the one little risk. You can't go wrong with 'Actively Healthy(™) ingredients: organic calendula, neem, probiotics'.
The Sunny Sunscreen on the other hand is quite thick - Actively Healthy(™) ingredients: Organic, transparent zinc, green tea.  I used it on myself and Tubby.  It does leave your skin a little whiter than when you started, no matter how much rubbing I did.  That would be the good part, you know that the coverage is complete and working with an SPF 35 rating.  There is no smell on the cream to deter use or make your children run away :)

If you are looking for safe, effective products for your children or even yourself, Episencial has a huge range of products with organic and natural ingredients.  And now when you order as little as $10 online, you get FREE shipping and samples.  Now that is a deal that can't be beat.

Thanks again to Kim and Episencial for sponsoring these great prizes.

Disclosure: I was provided free products for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different. 


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