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Saturday, 28 July 2012

The month of July is a big month for Traci of Eco Alternatives because she is celebrating one year in business. And she has had such good customers all year long that she is also having daily specials all month long to celebrate. She wants to share her good fortune with everyone! Her shop offers a lot of mama cloth as well as non-paper towels, wet bags, and a few other family items. Her motto is 'Life is Full of Choices...' Indeed.

Traci decided I should try out her newest product to the store, a fleece-backed cloth pad.  Although there is no 'water-proof' backing per say, it is constructed to be leak proof.  The pad came with instructions on care and use. It is always and infinitely helpful to have this information handy :)  
The pad was a fancy and peppy fabric that totally surprised me.  The backing was a pretty teal fleece. It measured a little over 9 1/2 inches total.  And just like a disposable, it can be folded and snapped for neat and easy storage.

My experience with the pad was all positive! It was easy to prep, just one wash.  It was easy to use (of  course) and stayed in place once snapped.  It did not leak.  I used it for several hours and checked a few times to find that all liquid stayed on the cotton pad and did not seep through the fleece onto my underwear.  The pad washed clean, did not stain, and dried fast in both the dryer (pre-wash) and in the sun for a few hours.  I very much liked the functionality and ease of use.  My little tip on making the washing process easier for cloth pads is to rinse out in the shower.  I did it with this pad and didn't have to pre-wash or soak overnight.

Traci wants to share her great and successful achievement of one year in business with one of my readers.  She is a sponsor of the Made in America prize with a $25 gift card to her store!  Check out the pretty and green selections she offers.  That will be a fun shopping spree indeed. Thank you Traci!

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different. 


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