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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

[Please note that I waited and hoped and this is the last resort for me to unfortunately and reluctantly publish my negative experience here.]

I was excited to get a custom diaper cover in a 'passport stamp' fabric, unbelievably appropriate as we had just flown across the ocean. After just a few washes and one week of wear, this is what happened to the aplix, on both sides.  The store owner suggested I send back the diaper so she could 'see' for herself. I should have seen trouble coming when that was all she said...

I wrote the shop owner both through etsy and email. I even tried twitter. (Her account is now curiously private.)  No response. For 2 months. I wrote her again and explained the reasonable options that I thought would work for any business whose customer is experiencing a problem.
1. Repair the diaper
2. Replace the diaper
3. Return the diaper

Which option did this shop owner take? NONE. She said she had never seen this before. She didn't know what to do.  That is why she hadn't responded to me at all.  Two months of silence and no action.  I was disappointed and sad. And now confused and mad.

If nothing else, I suggested again, returning my diaper was the simplest step to end this hopeless situation. I am sure I could have hand sewn my own new aplix since she was unwilling to do so.

She refused to send it back to me. I still have no diaper cover. Just a really, really bad taste in my mouth.

What do you think? Could things have turned out differently?


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