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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Thank you to Kate Sorenson of Coupon Cravings for this post on grocery store savings tips. Kate is an expert couponer and shares her knowledge and savings with others at To find great coupons and more savvy savings tips like this article, check out her blog here.

Visiting the grocery store has become an increasingly stressful practice in our modern time. With prices constantly rising, many of us dread coming around to our local market and seeing the cost of our favorite cereal or yogurt slowly climb. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save big every time you visit the grocery store. All it takes is some foresight and clever thinking, and you too can join the ranks of the major savers.

Embrace Membership

Whether you’re visiting Costco or your local produce store, you’ve probably seen them. Customers pull them from their wallets or select them from their key chains: the membership card. But are they really worth it? The answer, generally, is yes. Members have access to deals unavailable to non-members, and these can really stack up. While these perks come at the price of having your shopping habits recorded, the risk is very minimal. Embrace the savings and sign up next time you’re at the register.

Go Generic

While a few generic products sometimes peter out faster than name-brand products (think Band-Aids or batteries), store-brand goods are usually of the same quality than their name-brand counterparts.  What’s more, these off-branded items come at a fraction of the price. Stores tend to discount these products more frequently than their branded counterparts, providing a great opportunity to buy in bulk and save even bigger.

Choose Cans

Not only do they last longer, canned goods tend to cost less than bagged or dried products.  This means big savings with every trip down the canned food aisle.  Even better, many canned vegetables, like green beans, come in larger, family-sized containers. Don’t think you can eat all of those beans in one sitting? Don’t sweat it! Canned foods, like any others, can be frozen, meaning you can save your unused foods for another date. Preserve those beans—and your savings!

If you’re sick of sweating over your next trip to the grocery store, following these simple tips can help to take some stress off of your shoulders. Combining these suggestions with couponing or buying in bulk can save you even more money on your next grocery run. Don’t be a slave to the checkout aisle -- seize your grocery destiny and start maximizing your savings today!


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