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Thursday, 30 August 2012

*Make the Shift, See the Change*
Love that motto; take a step and you'll see the results.  If you eliminate just one day of disposable pads and tampons and replace with cloth, you will save money, reduce waste and prevent chemicals from being in contact with your most delicate parts. Wow.

I took the step here of trying something new: wool use for myself.  I have used wool covers for Tubby, but never thought that mama cloth could also utilize this great fabric.  I am glad I gave it a try.  The wool-backed pad from Lilia Designs/GoWith the Flo is really soft. And pretty.  The pads are hand dyed, how neat is that!  I got to try the 9in mini pad with wool backing. This pad is more contoured  than my other pads, which have pretty much the same width throughout.

The pad content is what really makes it stand out.  The top layer is composed of soft bamboo, organic cotton and a little spandex. This was also a huge difference from other pads I have tried.  The pad stretched and moved, and adapted to movement easily.  This could be both an asses as well as a negative, depending on how it fits you and what you are wearing.  It was great to me to have that spandex because I had to stretch the wings a little in order to snap them. The pad stayed in place on the gusset better because of this.  There is also am absorbent core of hemp and organic cotton.  The backing is a thin, soft, stretchy wool.  It also helps keep the pad in proper place.

I prepped the pad by one warm wash and an air dry. Yes, you can machine this wool product!  It did not change in cushy softness at all. After the first wash the wool edges frayed a little since it is un-hemmed. I think that adds to the softness.

I loved wearing this pad.  The overall feel was amazing to experience, honestly.  Even wet it did not feel heavy or uncomfortable.  Here’s the kicker, it’s the wool base that makes this pad unique. It provides support, breathable fabric and leak protection.  It is great backup to the high-absorbency hemp and organic cotton core.  This pad is recommended for light days but I found it to work find on my medium days. It washed well and came out looking good as new.

The one drawback I found was, ironically, the narrow gusset and spandex, which I liked and wanted. These characteristics meant the front and the back of the pad were relatively large in comparison and quite flexible. The result is a pad whose front and back seemed to move much more than anticipated when I walked.  I think maybe next time I need to wear snugger underwear to contain that movement.

Overall, I highly recommend this pad.  It breathes and contains the flow. The wool backing makes a great combination with the bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp fabrics.  I hope you are as excited by this product and others from Go With the Flo pads, because I am giving away a set of panty liners to the winner of my Fall in Love with Handmade event! Thank you Anna and Lilia Design

Luckily for everyone, there is a huge coupon code that can be used for purchases throughout September. Use GREEN20 for 20% off all products as well as $1 shipping

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different.


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