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Sunday, 23 September 2012

There is no denying that Boba is my favorite baby carrier. And toddler carrier. There is honestly no contest! Ever since I started using one almost two years ago, I have yet to find a carrier with all its benefits. The features that made it stand out to me were the high rise of the back,which could accommodate my long-torso son; and the footrests that helped keep his feet in proper ergonomic alignment as well as comfortably out of the way during walks. These were unique to Boba.
My first impressions and experience with the backpack style carrier as discussed in a previous post:
It was perfect. It literally resembles a hiking backpack with padded straps, a chest clip and a padded hip/back supporting waist belt.  I could not believe the relief and comfort of putting my heavy toddler in this carrier and walking around like a weight was lifted off my (one) shoulder. It was fantastic. Tubby loved it and I had tremendously more freedom of movement.  We have used it around the house so I can get cooking or chores done when he is cranky. We have also used it on walks to Target or the library, both in warm weather and recently in the snow.
I was therefore ecstatic upon learning that I would get the opportunity to review the updated Organic 3G carrier!

I chose the gorgeous, deep brown Walnut organic carrier.  You can't go wrong with a lovely solid earthy color.  And everything is better organic, right? The 3G carrier is rated up to 45 pounds so we have a long way to go still in terms of use since Tubby is right around 30 pounds.  My favorite features   on this carrier:
Sliding attachments for the chest strap and foot rests, because otherwise the shoulder straps and support belt would be crushed and squashed by these with repeated use if attached any other way.

Removable Footrest now has snap adjustment for your child's growing feet and shoes. My older version had velcro which was a little annoying since it got caught on clothing and shoes.

Adjustable Sleeping/privacy hood attached to the carrier, can fold up and be zipped into its own pocket. My original carrier had a military style look with the hood rolled up and stored outside.  When you no longer need it, you can detach the hood and voila, a zippered pocket for accessory use!

Two New Pockets on the belt can come in quite handy, one zippered, one open. True story: the last time I walked to our town hall to pay my utility bill, I lost both the bill and my credit card. Why, you ask, because there was no pocket in my carrier to put them away securely. Now there is no danger of doing that again!

New Strap Holder for your purse or other bag on the shoulder.  Now you don't have to worry about your bag falling off when you are out and about.

I don't think Boba forgot anything when they updated this carrier.  Do you? The 3G can be used from 7 pounds upwards to 45. It accommodates infants with a few, minor adjustments thoroughly detailed in your instruction manual.  This carrier is easy to use and you will love it. And you will not be able to remember how you managed to function without it!

In case this one isn't quite your style, there are also soft wraps and super-lightweight backpack carriers at Boba. Look around and choose one for yourself or maybe that harried new parent you know or soon-to-be mom. You will be thanked endlessly by a parent who didn't even know such an awesome baby product existed :)

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different.


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