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Saturday, 22 September 2012

When I opened my Blogger blog, I just took it for granted that everything it provided would be good enough for my needs.  I activated my feedburner rss and email services and I was done.  Readers would would automatically get new post updates when they were published and I wouldn't have to worry about anything. Set it and forget it.  Wrong!

Last night this is what I saw on my subscription info.
Hmmm, didn't I have some subscribers?? I panicked. Then I checked back a few days.
Yes, there they were. But where did they go? Had I lost all my readers?? I started to sweat. What to do...some quick research and blogging buzz seemed to point to a phasing out of feedburner in October.   No announcement or notice to its users if this was the case, so I decided to find a new email service. Mail Chimp to the rescue thank goodness.  Now all my email subscribers will get a new and hopefully more useful newsletter.

In case you were wondering, I need to find a new rss service as well so my visitors who subscribe in a reader aren't left out in the cold.


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