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Monday, 3 September 2012

You know the difference between disposable tampons and reusable ones? Reusable tampons absorb, everything! I was amazed by the performance.  I was able to try the whole kit and caboodle from Moo Cow Momma's etsy shop.  She sent me her set of 5 organic cotton and bamboo tampons along with the purse sized wetbag with tampon wraps, and a prototype panty liner. I was very surprised when this box showed up. I had only requested the tampons to try (one heavy, two regular and two low flow sizes since you get to choose absorbencies when you order). Barb is a thoughtful and generous lady!
The first and neatest thing I noticed with the tampons is that they are color-coded, just like disposables. Since I had three different sizes, the pull strings also had 3 different colors to identify and differentiate them. You can keep them separated and stored by flow too, with your different pad sizes, if you use those along side.
And just like the listing says, the absorbency rating is exactly the same as you would find in a standard disposable.  This is the super tampon rolled up. I just started on one side and rolled towards the center, all the way across. Easy to do.

Now the one glitch I had was the inserting part.  I was used to tampons with no applicator, but those had a more stable shape.  It took a little finessing with two fingers to get it properly situated, by kind of rotating it into place. But boy, is it ever worth it! The tampons did not leak, on any of the different flow levels I used.  I could not ask for a better product. Barb also includes detailed washing instructions so that you can take care of these products.

If you're new to cloth and reusable menstrual products, don't be afraid to give these a try.   They are well worth the learning process.  Just think about the waste you are keeping out the earth, the chemicals you are keeping out of your body, and the money you are saving on not having to buy tampons every few months.

Check out Moo Cow Momma's store.  There are lots and lots of different categories of reusable products she offers.  Then come back and enter the Fall in Love With Handmade giveaway. Thanks to Barb for sponsoring a $25 gift card to her store!

Disclosure: I was provided free products for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different.


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