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Saturday, 29 September 2012

While trolling for clearance items at Target, I visited the baby section and I came across this Charlie Banana diaper for {gasp} $4.96. You read that right. I got this diaper for 75% off!! How is that possible? It was marked as an online item so they don't have a section to put it in the store.  I have seen this before in clearance, other sections sometimes are selling off items that were bought online and returned to the store.  I don't understand why they don't return it to the warehouse to be resold (it is new and unused after all) but I won't argue!

Apparently the store debut of Charlie Banana cloth diapers was just to make a splash. When they came out I visited my Target to see if they were in store.  They were there, in beautiful living color.
I even splurged and bought one, full price, eeeeek.
But apparently that store display didn't last long. Or it was just a special promo before going all online. Whatever the case, I reaped the rewards recently. I got a startlingly cheap brand name cloth diaper. Are you jealous??


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