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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

In my quest to find not only the perfect cloth-diaper safe balm for when there is the inevitable flare up, but also to find an allergen free ointment for Tubby's sensitive skin, I have tried innumerable products! Honestly, I will not even try to recount the different products and brands that have crossed my palm and swiped Tubby's skin in the last three years...there are just too many hopes and disappointments associated with just that quest.

So in steps Thirsties.  It's cloth diaper safe ointment Booty Love has just half-dozen ingredients, none of them known to cause breakouts or flare ups or any other skin irritation. This may sound obvious, but not all baby products can say that. As I pointed out, a lot of products produce the opposite of the intended effect.

Not here. Booty Love contains certified organic ingredients with know reparative, healing, calming and basically, all around great properties.
The balm starts out a little solid, since it does contain beeswax, but it softens up rapidly upon touch due to body heat.   

It goes on smooth and easy. It does take a little while to rub in but then disappears completely into the skin. Our flare up areas were smoothed and calmed immediately. This first step definitely helps in healing, if you can keep an itchy hand out of the affected area, healing will progress faster.  Plus, all the ingredients are edible. This of course is not recommended, but when you put something on a fidgety baby or child, there is bound to be some swiping going on. No worries if some does get in the mouth.

I was definitely satisfied with this product.  It seems like it will last a while since it is thick and glides on the skin with total coverage.  I will probably steal some and put on my razor nics which I seem to get very often these days.  I am not making that up, the jar actually recommends use as a minor skin irritation aid :) See picture number 2.

Visit Thirsties and see what other fabulous cloth diaper products and accessories they carry. I have several and they are among my favorites. Then come back and enter the Fall Fluff giveaway to win your own tub of Booty Love. Thank you Thirsties!      

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different.


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