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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I read on more than one occasion of an easy way to make recycled or jumbo or rainbow crayons from broken crayons and crayon scraps.  I thought how neat is that, re-using instead of throwing away these bits. Since Tubby loves to bang crayons enthusiastically while making dots when not heartily throwing all the crayons on the floor when he is done, we had a lot of pieces to work with.

The process was basically to put all these bits into muffin tins and then in the oven or melting them down on the stove top and pouring into pipe shapes to cool. I decided on the oven method. The problem was figuring the right temperature. Every post seemed to have a different one. I decided on a fair 250F as the in between alternative.
I let them melt probably a little too long.  The smallest amount of bits was the yellow, it ended up boiling up and sticking to my non-stick pan.  Upon removal from the oven it looked like the 'oil' component of the crayons had settled on top.
Although the newly formed jumbo crayons cooled quickly and popped out easily, there was one holdout, the aforementioned yellow. Stubborn yellow. That is just as well, because Tubby had a hard time seeing it on the paper when he colored with it.

The other issue we had was that the crayons had to be finessed to be used. They would color on the flat bottoms very easily and on the bottom edges pretty easily, but not on the sides. It seems that the oily layer was indeed that, it had no pigment at all even though it cooled the same color as the crayon base.

I am not sure this easy and 'fun' craft worked out...what do you think? Should I try it again at a different temperature?


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