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Friday, 5 October 2012

You might not know this, but that thin gauzy cotton fabric that goes by the name of cheesecloth, often recommended for use in cooking and craft ideas, is great way to hold cheese. I am not kidding you.  Cheesecloth is for cheese.

I did not know that. The only reason we had this cloth in the house was because my father-in-law recommended it to Hubby for some home improvement uses such as wiping away grout and polishing tiles.

I never even thought the name had anything to do with cheese, just like hot dogs have nothing to do with dogs.  I learned of this great use for cheesecloth while reading a list of uses for vinegar. In order to keep your cheese fresh, use a piece of cheesecloth doused in vinegar. That is all. No plastic baggie to throw out or plastic container that you may also end up throwing out if mold grows. Cheese wrapped in this way will keep your product fresh and mold free. You may need to re-wet the cloth depending on how long cheese lasts in your house. We have no issues there since a block of cheese gets eaten fairly quickly around here.

So now you know. And you have a green way to store cheese, a perfectly natural and safe way that produces no waste! Just wash your cheese cloth and reuse it another time. Buy a gallon jug of vinegar and use it for this and a hundred different things. I'll have to write up another post with those simple green ideas as well.

Feel free to share this amazing information with anyone who is easily impressed! :) Or maybe that was just me. Do you use cheesecloth for cheese? Or anything else?

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