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Sunday, 25 November 2012

It's the Holiday season!  Thanksgiving is over, but Christmas is around the corner.  There's lots of cooking and baking to be done during the holiday season.  We love sharing ideas for decorating and recipes.  Mother 2 Mother also enjoyed viewing the tables of several celebrities and thought we would share a few of the pictures tweeted by P Diddy, Conner Cruise, Mariah Carey, Julianne Hough, and Jessica Alba. 

This is P Diddy's table.  I love the candles, but I'm trying to figure how 18 people can get in and out of this space.  I guess everyone better go to the loo before sitting down or you will surely irritate guests beside you.   

P Diddy, via Instagram, holding a beautiful bird.  Not sure if he cooked or his mother; she was pictured in several posts. 

 Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's table.  Absolutely beautiful!  Simple, but elegant.

 Julianne Hough's table. I love the turkeys and the turkey platter displayed along with the colorful wreaths and the simple stoneware. 

Here's Jessica Alba preparing her turkey.  Her kitchen looks like mine after a day of preparing a large feast.  Hope she had someone to help clean up the mess. 

Connor Cruise tweeted this picture of their bird.  Looks perfect!  It's nice to see these celebrities cooking their own Thanksgiving meals instead of a Chef.  Which, is your favorite table setting?  My vote goes to Julianne Hough.  I love that it is festival, bright and simple.  Thanks to the Daily Mail, Tweeter, and Instagram for the photos. 



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