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Saturday, 24 November 2012

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ConservingNow does some great work. They are much more than a site to buy beautiful reusable shopping bags from Envirosax.  You can download a free decal to help remind you to bring your bags with you when you go out shopping. You can learn about other ways to go green in your life. You can get the children in your life involved in green efforts
I was fortunate to get this great site and resource to be a sponsor again.  For the review and giveaway, I decided on the Rosa pouch. It was a little hard to choose but in the end this great collection of prints won me over.
The Envirosax pouches include five reusable bags in a stylish pouch for easy toting.  There are five different prints, one of which is the same as the carrying pouch.

These bags are not only eye-catching, they are extremely durable and useful. And big. They measure about 19 inches across and 17 inches deep. They hold about 3 plastic bags' worth of items. They are made of washable nylon, a fabric that also holds up well with repeated use and can securely hold a lot of weight. I have used these for my home item buys at popular retailers. Even Tubby loves to take one and 'go shopping' with his toys inside. You gotta' start them early :)

Envirosax and Conserving Now help you shop and be green with style! Carry this pouch of reusable bags with you everywhere you shop. Keep them in the car and be sure to order your free decal to remind you to take them out to the store.  Thanks to Meghan, the co-owner, one lucky winner in the 12 Days of Gifts Galore event gets to take this stylish pouch everywhere and help save the planet!!

Disclosure: I was provided free products for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different.


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