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Thursday, 8 November 2012

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 My next sponsor for the festivities that are Fluffy Christmas is Fluffin Squishy. Karianne, the owner, makes diapers that are dreamily soft and absorbent and of course colorful and cute!

I got a chance to try the 'Norbert' fitted. And let me tell you, this diaper stands up to its name. It is some darn squishy fluffy goodness. The print is outstanding as well. Tubby loved it. 

The diaper comes with two inserts, one long insert that snaps to the back of the diaper and a shorter booster that you can place where needed.  The inside of the diaper is soft and thick cotton velour.
The inserts mimic the diaper as well since they are topped with the same squishy soft velour fabric. They are composed of cotton velour, hemp french terry and zorb. I folded both inserts in the front per usual but I had trouble closing the diaper. Tubby told me it was tight but I wouldn't listen. I was about to get dismayed as well since the snaps kept popping open. Then I got another idea, I would refold the inserts in a different way. I actually unsnapped the long one and folded it over and put the booster flat inside it. It was a miracle...the diaper snapped up and Tubby was comfortable. Success!
The diaper was quite snug in the legs. Even on the last snap it left some redness on those little thighs.  On the plus side, it is generously wide in the wet zone and can see the high rise and wide waist tabs. That means more wetness soaking and less leaks.

Tubby even cooperated and let me take a sitting up picture. Here the snaps did not pop open because I now had the correct setting. Thanks to my little one for giving me some fitting advice: don't blame the diaper if is it not functioning like you think it should. Maybe you need to reassess the situation and try a different approach; that is what I did.

I tried two different covers over this diaper just to see the difference. I had a brand name cover that just fit over it. I also had a size large cover from a litle store that was looser in width in case there should be a 'load' in the morning. Luckily I didn't have to deal with that. Everything worked great overnight.

You can check out all the current fabrics and diapers on Fluffin Squishy's facebook page. There are stocking notices and lots of pictures.  I hope something catches your eye, because someone is getting a diaper in the Fluffy Christmas giveaway starting December 1. Thank you Karianne!

Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different.


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