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Thursday, 15 November 2012

I love candles, and burn them regularly.  I was searching for holiday candle ideas, and found these.  They look easy to make, and I wanted to share the idea with my readers in case you were looking for ideas. 

The first candle centerpiece requires Indian Corn and a cake candle.  I would suggest using a rubberband to hold the corn in place.  Place a few ears around the candle, using the rubberband to hold the ears in place.  Slip additional ears under the rubberband until you form a complete circle.  I plan to use a ribbon instead of the cord.  Place the ribbon over the rubberband and tie a bow. 

Grocery stores or farmer's markets may still have indian corn. 

It's too late use this idea for me, but it's adorable.  The leaves are too dry for me to risk using them around a flame.  Boom!  Get the message, lol.  If the leaves are still falling in your area you may want to try this idea. 

This is my favorite candle idea.  I will be using my grandchildren on the pictures and festive ribbon for Christmas centerpieces.  I'll be using pillar candles as they are taller.  Dig out those hurricane glasses ladies and get to work.  If you have other ideas for candle centerpieces, please leave us a comment. 

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