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Thursday, 15 November 2012

I managed to get in touch with Christina of Kiss My Fluff right when she was getting super busy with orders but she was happy to accommodate this blogger for Fluffy Xmas. I was very excited to work with her because of all the fun fabrics she used as well as the inner options she offered.
First I wanted a Thomas diaper then I saw something even better for mama to enjoy, the Organic Go Green diaper, eeek. I was hoping to get a sized diaper but since we were emailing each other, my preference got buried in her inbox. Don't worry, she will not lose track of your Hyena Cart order!

I received the one-size diaper and I was in love. It had some elements that I did not expect. First, the wicking jersey inner was new to me. I usually prefer bamboo, my favorite diaper inner, but Christina agreed that the jersey was a good choice since it is one of the most effective diaper linings. This fabric is something suited to athletic wear, it is smooth and light and has amazing wicking powers. I will explain below :)

The one thing that really surprised me and delighted about this diaper was the snaps. They are beautifully coordinated to the fabric. And not only that, but they are also composed of coordinating colors themselves! Did anyone else know that snaps could have different color parts?! I have never seen that before.

The diaper is actually 3 separate layers, the fabric outer, hidden pul inner and the wicking jersey lining. You can see that in the pocket opening in the back.  Not sure how well this picture illustrates that because everything seems to be white...

The diaper comes without inserts unless specially ordered, but if you're like me, you already have a ton handy to use in the pocket. Here it is double stuffed for night-time. It was snug without being too tight.

This diaper almost cleans itself it seems. I am not joking. Every piece of it is light and thin and dries fast. Coming out of the washer the wicking jersey doesn't even seem wet. It is quite amazing to me. It works great to pull the moisture away from your baby's skin, a great quality to have anytime, but especially at night when the diaper is worn for longer periods of time.

Thanks Christina for sponsoring a prize in the Fluffy Christmas event starting December 1! In the mean time, check her store for the next stocking and the Kiss My Fluff facebook page for updates and fabric choices.  She showed a sneak peak of the holiday selections recently, they are festive and won't last long in the store!

Disclosure: I was provided free products for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different.


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