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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Coming down to the wire of Fluffy Christmas, we have another great sponsor, This is the rare case of a cloth diaper business founded and run by two men. Not only do they offer several diapering options along with accessories, they are also returning good to the community in the form of cloth diaper donations. For every three diapers bought, one is donated to organizations working with needy families in Canada and the US. What a fantastic idea!
After communicating with Mohammed, one of the owners, this is the surprisingly large review package I received, along with a hand written note. I was overwhelmed. He had already thanked me for my hard work before I had done anything! Included was the Original lilhelper diaper, the Charcoal Bamboo diaper, extra unbleached cotton inserts, bamboo wipes, and a wetbag.

Just a warning, I will over use the word soft, starting now :) The bamboo wipes were as soft as a certain thick and puffy tissue you may have used once or twice in your life. They are about 8 inches square with two different textured sides. Love them. The wetbag was a small one with a drawstring, perfect for toting around on trips for a few diapers and wipes or for using at home for your mama cloth...

The two versions of the diapers have double inserts and are no different in size from each other. They are a little different in other ways, though. The Original has somewhat larger snaps and a soft PUL outer with a slight sheen while the Charcoal Bamboo diaper has 'regulation' snaps the same color as the diaper as well as a surprisingly soft t-shirt like outer.

All diapers have snap-in inserts that are interchangeable. So you can snap out a wet one and replace as long as the cover inner isn't soaked or pooped on. That is a great option to have.  These inserts also snap together, the booster is a little thicker and shorter. I love that the inserts are heavily contoured on the ends, so that I can fold and put both larger sides together in front for Tubby's wetness area.

It seemed like there were a lot of snaps to deal with, but that is only because I haven't dealt with many AI2 diapers. This seems to be a common characteristic of these type of diapers.

We got a really good fit. The diapers were stretchy and quite accommodating. Tubby did not complain about them being too tight. I was able to fold and double stuff the contoured inserts as mentioned and they still made a comfortable, snug fit.

Now you are probably wondering what the big deal is with the Charcoal Bamboo, what exactly is it. Well, this is what makes this diaper different than the Original or even the Organic Bamboo diaper that lilhelper offers. The charcoal makes the fabric suck in both smells and wetness to keep baby drier and rash free. These diapers are so good at their job that they are recommended by pediatricians. Wow.

Both diapers performed well. I will repeat that I love contoured inserts since they hold wetness where we need it most, in front! Tubby's skin was less irritated when using the Charcoal Bamboo inserts.  We have been having some recurring rash trouble so I like to notice when diapers work better to keep it at bay. We are lucky to have this option.

Thanks to both Mohammed and Nader, one lucky winner for the Fluffy Xmas event will win a diaper! Be sure to check out their facebook page as well so that you keep updated on news and products.

Disclosure: I was provided free products for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different.


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