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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

For my third collaboration with the Willow Store, I got the chance to review the cloth diaper system known as Sprout Change.  It is made in the USA and quite unique.

The organic starter pack consists of a reversible cover and 3 organic inserts. This means, like any other cover system, you can reuse it after wet changes or even poops as long as there there isn't soiling of the lining.

What makes this system different is that it is highly adjustable with the leg and back waist elastics. The cover also has quite a wide front and gusset.  This is great for thick stuffing and wide inserts.

And are the inserts generously sized! They are quite thick and long and wide. They extend over the full length of the cover. And with three inserts of this length, you have a lot of flexibility on how you fold and stuff. And since I double stuff and fold, these were perfect.

I guestimated on the settings for the elastic and had to change them because both the waist and legs were too tight. I used the first elastic holes on the legs and on one side of the waist. I was immensely happy with the folded and stuffed insert and the coverage of the cover.

I was a little disappointed in the rise of the diaper. It fits great now, as we hover around 30 pounds, but I am not sure it will still fit through the 40 pound range. We shall see.

I was surprised to see it stayed snug in the back with no gaping on my constantly moving toddler. That is a great attribute in any diaper or cover.

I was satisfied overall with the Sprout Change system. Even if you outgrow the cover, the inserts are fantastic and can be used in any other pocket diaper or cover you have.  They are absorbent and all natural - organic cotton top with organic cotton and hemp layers. So, would you like to get a chance to win this diapering system? Well you are in luck, thanks to the Willow Store, one lucky Fluffy Christmas winner will get a Sprout Change system of her own.

Check out the Willow Store. I am sure you will find lots of products that interest you: nursing pads, mama cloth, dryer balls, sprout cream....the list goes on!


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