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Friday, 30 November 2012

Oh winter, when thoughts of new fallen snow and decorated houses make one want to dress in something comfortable and just enjoy it. And you don't want anything to disturb that enjoyment, such as dangerous chemicals in those clothes, right? That's right, many of us live in dangerous chemical-laden clothess and we don't even know it. The way to avoid those chemicals? Buy organic clothes!

New Jammies is a fun company that also has a serious purpose. It provides safe, warm and comfortable clothes for your little ones. All items are organic cotton, no flame retardant chemicals sprayed on sleeping clothes or pesticides used to grow the textiles that become the pajamas. You can sleep knowing that your child is safely dressed for a peaceful night's sleep.

There are a lot of patterns to choose from and they are always changing. I decided on the fun Bike print for our Snuggly PJ since Tubby loves to go riding with Papa. And of course it was fun and brightly colored.
I decided that since these are snug fitting, as is recommended for children's sleepwear, I would get a 4T for my skinny 3 year old.

They were snug indeed. But I know that these will last a long time due to the lenghty sleeves and pant legs. Cotton has a tendancy to soften up and stretch a lot after many washes, especially with organic cotton.  It just gets cushier and softer and more comfortable over time. I love all the organic cotton items we have becasue they are also durable, on top of being safe for all members of the family.

What types of patterns do you like on pjs? Someone will get to choose their very own set for Winner Wonderland giveaway hop! Thanks to New Jammies for sponsoring a set to the winner! Be sure to swing by and see what fun items are in stock and start making your green holiday (or any day) wish list.

Disclosure: I was provided free products for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different.


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