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Friday, 2 November 2012

This is the second time I have gotten to work with Thirsties. This time I received a Duo Diaper in the fun Blackbird print for review. I chose aplix closure because I had a duo wrap with aplix that worked well and I wanted to see how the duo diaper compared. I also have become a recent aplix convert because Tubby's shape keeps changing and I think it is easier to adjust, or at least faster for me. I have another cover and some fitted diapers with aplix as well. I have found these to work as well as the snap diapers that comprise the bulk of my stash.

The Duo Diaper is a pocket diaper that you stuff like any other pocket diaper. 

It comes with two inserts that snap together on both ends: one microfiber and one hemp.

It has double pockets so you can choose which ever end is easier to stuff. 

I usually use the front opening if there is that option because I fold and double stuff the front for my front-sleeping boy. You get the picture :)

There are also the elastic leg gussets that you would find on the duo wraps to help keep messes and wetness inside while providing a tighter fit.

I found that the Duo Diaper in aplix was quite different in texture, stretch and fit compared to the Duo Wrap. I am used to an extremely stretchy and soft PUL fabric which is not quite what I found in the Diaper. You can tell from the pictures above that the Diaper crimped up a lot. I think that is due to the gusset as well as to thick PUL fabric and the heavy duty aplix strip across the waist.  The fabric seems to be about double thick as the Duo Wrap. While I can't say how it will feel after 50 washes (what I guess is how many my Wraps have gone through), I can say I believe it will loosen up and get a little more stretchy with the agitation of the wash cycles.

I did have to snap up once to get a good fit. I also did my usual double stuff in the diaper. It didn't quite sit as snuggly as I wanted on the belly once Tubby started moving around.

It is a wider than normal diaper in the gusset area but I found that the hemp insert provided was a little too wide to actually sit flat once inserted. I double checked it with my other Thirsties hemp insert (the ones you can order in sets of two for additional stuffing) and they are different widths. The included insert is wider!

I have to say maybe I should have chosen the snap option on the diaper...I am not as adept at getting a good fit on this pocket diaper with aplix as I am with a fitted diaper or cover that closes with aplix. I think I need to try a few more times. Maybe I actually need to stuff it triple, like I sometimes do for nights, and see if it fits snugger. 

Thanks to Thirsties, one of my fans will get a chance to try out the Duo Diaper! They are sponsoring my Thankful for Fluff prize. So, which closure will you choose? Do you already use and love aplix or are you snaps all the way? Do you have any tips for me?


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