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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The holidays are around the corner, and stress levels will rise. Try these simple tips to reduce your stress level during your Thanksgiving dinner preparations:
  • Develop a guess list. Know how many guess you will be cooking for and plan accordingly.
  • Plan your menu so you can write your grocery list.
  • Decorate the night before. Place candles and lots of fall colors in your eating and entertainment areas.
  • Plan activities for the children.
  • Prepare a shopping list and shop early. Be sure you have all items checked off your list before leaving the store. Returning to the grocery store because you've forgotten an item or two causes stress.
  • Leave plenty of time for cooking and cleaning. Take time to relax between dish preparations.
  • Reduce stress by having each family bring a covered dish. This reduces the number of dishes you will have to prepare.
  • Sit down with your family and enjoy the delicious dishes that you and your guess have prepared. Socializing and nourishing your body will give you the energy needed for clean up.
  • Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


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